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HeavyFuel American Staffordshire Terriers

Breed information

American Staffordshire Terriers or Amstaffs as they are commonly known, are a high energy intelligent breed of dog with a history dating back into the 17th century in the UK.

Characterised by their loyal, courageous temperament, they are challenging and can be stubborn to train but will reward you for your persistence.

Early socialisation and basic obedience training are vitaly important if you are to succeed in having a happy enjoyable experience having an Amstaff in your family!

These dogs have drive and persistence and often get into trouble if they are not adequately trained and managed as adolescents.

We believe in providing lifelong support to anyone who owns one of these amazing dogs.

Only ever buy a puppy from a registered Breeder that can produce Ataxia testing certificates from Antagene Laboratory in France proof the lines are clear

There is NO cure for Cerebellar Ataxia